Following on from the Renewal Day meetings on 27th Sept '14 and 14th Nov '14 and including those volunteers who later put their names forward, a brief meeting was recently held to constitute groups identified under the “Five Essential Ingredients of the New Evangelisation” (with the addition of a School group).

The Groups and their respective Convenors are named below:

Personal Conviction - Alan Cousins

It can be daunting to consider bearing witness to Christ either within the Church or even more so in today's Secular Society. However, there is no evangelisation without a desire to evangelise. Joy, love and obedience are the main factors that motivate people to commit themselves to the New Evangelisation. This Group will consider how this can be achieved within the framework of this Parish Renewal. It will consider content and context which, together with the conviction to share faith in a personal way, will allow this New Evangelisation to move forward within and outside our Church. 

Community - Leila Hathaway

The aim of this Group is to look at how to invite people into a way of life, a new set of relationships and to show the beauty of a community founded on the love of Christ. The effectiveness of the Parish Renewal will arise from the sense of community and common purpose that is formed when people have a shared commitment to the New Evangelisation. There may be many community levels within the Church of the Holy Ghost with St Michael's and as many as possible will be reviewed.

The Word of God and the Teaching of the Church - Madeleine Harvey

God's life giving revelation, his Holy Word, is passed on to us throughout his Scripture and Tradition, and is interpreted through the teaching of the Catholic Church. This Group will consider how Scripture and Catholic teaching can transform people's lives and be a catalyst for conversion and renewal. It is recognised that you can't share a faith that you don't know. Therefore effective evangelisation depends on good catechesis. However, the intent is not to proselytise (converting members of other faiths), but is to share this Christian vision with anyone who is attracted by it. Our Scripture is not just an intellectual journey, but an opportunity to meet the living Christ.

The Liturgy and the Sacraments - Carolyn Doyle

The Sacraments form an effective part of the New Evangelisation. The reasons are three fold: 1) Many enquirers may have some Catholic or Christian background. To celebrate the Sacraments and speak about them may awaken memories of their past significance. 2) Very often New Evangelisation not only involves talking to people, but inviting them into the living experience of the community of faith. 3) The fact that Jesus Christ is present in the Liturgy and the sacraments, supremely in the Holy Eucharist, means an encounter with the Liturgy is an encounter with Christ himself. The Sacraments, in much of New Evangelisation, are the source and not just the summit of faith.

Courage and Creativity - Dan Want

Every Christian is called to take the risk of evangelising. We don't all have to go out on the streets to witness to strangers. But we do all have a responsibility to witness to our faith in every day life , and to share our faith with others when the opportunity arises (within and outside our Church). It is difficult to evangelise, but in equal measure it is one of the most important responsibilities that we have. When someone has the courage and takes the risk, generally their own faith becomes stronger the more willing they are to share their faith. Pope Francis has spoken many times echoing God's call to every Christian. Step out, take the risk of doing something new and creative in order to spread the Gospel. Whether it is within a large, well known project or in the quiet circumstances of everyday life. Each one of us is called to share their faith and take part in New Evangelisation.

School - Henry MacDonald

Our Children are the future of our Church, its faith and our community. They need to be nurtured in the faith and brought forward knowing God's message in the Scripture and the teachings of the Church. There are many pressures on a family in today's society, so it is important that a child's faith is not stifled before it takes root and is allowed to flourish. St Gildas is a well run school, but deserves as much support as the Parish can muster. It is therefore of vital importance to look at how our Parish Renewal can include the school, as much as possible, while recognising it's governance (Board of Governors) and formal Government controls must never be interfered with.   

Expectation is that all Groups will have up to three meetings by Easter, with their first meeting completed by the beginning of Lent, 18th February '15. An output of the first meeting should be a summarised to keep everyone informed of progress and intent. The proposals from these Groups need to be realistic, achievable, timely but just as importantly have people who will take the proposals forward

If a Group Convenor has any issues or queries then they should contact Fr Jean-Patrice or Ernie Jerzykowski.

The Group Convenors will contact Members of each respective Group in the coming weeks. This will be based on those people that have volunteered since the last Renewal Day Meeting. The intent of this web page is to share information and record progress as the Parish goes on it's journey of Renewal and New Evangelisation.

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New Evangelisation - What is it? A few thoughts. Click the link below to download.