Order of Mass 

An order of mass can be downloaded here: http://www.liturgyoffice.org.uk/Missal/Text/MCFL.pdf

Or if you are interested in looking at some of the scriptural basis for the Mass parts, check out this document originally compiled for the RCIA course some time ago.

The Scriptural Mass.doc The Scriptural Mass.doc
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If you are a Catholic, then you are very welcome to apply to become a Reader. There are just one or two points, though, to bear in mind. Although there is a microphone, you will need to have a clear voice and to be able to convey the true meaning of the readings to the congregation, so enabling them to develop in their hearts a warm and living love for sacred Scripture. That is why it's advisable to read the mass texts and take a look at the readings in the Missal beforehand to familiarise yourself with their content and context.

At both the 10.30 am and 6.30pm Sunday masses, there is a rota of readers. If you would like to learn more about the role of the reader, please see contact details: 

Ernie Jerzykowski, 01935 706493. (10.30 am Mass).


On the second Sunday in the month at the 10.30am Mass, Ray D'Inverno leads the Music Ministry with an excellent singing groups leading us in a range of traditional and modern hymns.

Ray started his involvement in church music in his teens as a member of a very fine four-part choir in the Sacred Heart Church, Kilburn and he has continued this involvement for most of his life. He ran an excellent choir and group of instrumentalists for over 25 years at St Joseph's, the mother church of Southampton. During this time he was encouraged to compose, and has now written, more than 100 pieces of church music that include ten very different Mass settings, one of these being a new one written especially for our parish.  He has had a number of his compositions published, including the first piece he ever wrote - an anthem entitled, "Holy Spirit of God". For this work, as well as his long involvement in charity work, he received a papal medal (a  Benemerenti) from Pope Benedict in 2006. 

He joined our parish in the summer of 2010 and the following year set up the Singing Group. The idea from the outset was to form a small group of singers to encourage the faithful to sing and also to let them hear, on occasions, the beauty of four-part singing. The Group does not hold any regular rehearsals apart from ten minutes or so before the 10.00 am Mass. The Singing Group has a central core of six singers who regularly attend, consisting of one soprano, two altos, two tenors and one bass (Ray), but expands to more singers on occasion. 

Ray has recorded   "The Singing Group ... Sings," and copies of the CD can be obtained from Ray for a small contribution to church funds. Ray says, "The Singing Group may be small in number, but we are big in heart and pray that our music may help to bring the faithful in our parish closer to God"

Ray can be contacted on 01300 321024 

The Singing Group

The Singing Group... Sings!

14 Tracks of music from the Mass and selected Hymns are available on CD from Ray d'Inverno 01300 321024  

Complied by the talented parish musician, Ray d'Inverno; these settings to the people's Mass parts (songs 02-07 below) express our involvement in the Sacred Liturgy as a parish community. These parts often feature at the 10.30am Mass in Yeovil, but are sometimes borrowed by the other choirs too!  Have a practice at home, and you can be ready for next Sunday to worship God boldly through the Holy Mass!

01 Lead me, Guide Me (Doris Akers).mp3

02 Kyrie.mp3

03 Gloria.mp3

04 Holy Holy.mp3

05 Acclamation.mp3

06 Great Amen.mp3

07 Lamb of God.mp3

08 Let His Glory Fill the Earth (Dave Smith).mp3

09 Bless our Lives Lord (Cecila Axtox_Ray D'Inverno).mp3

10 Spirit of God (Cecilia Axton_Ray D'Inverno).mp3

11 He Became Poor (John Bell).mp3

12 What Child is This_ (WC Dix).mp3

13 Teach Me, O God (Christopher Walker).mp3

14 Holy Spirit of God (Ray D'Inverno).mp3