If you have been to Mass at Holy Ghost church during the past few weeks, you couldn't fail to notice the banner standing against the wall at the back of the pulpit.

Admittedly, we did already have a Marian banner, which had traditionally been carried on pilgrimages to Lourdes, but it was felt by our then Parish priest, Fr. Martin, and members of the Parish Pastoral Council, that we needed one that would symbolise the Paraclete, as the guiding spirit of our church.

A new banner was, therefore, duly commissioned, and an initial working drawing shown to the late Fr. Alan Blackford, a keen and accomplished artist, for his comments, and his reaction? ‘I can do much better than that,’ he snorted, and within a few days Fr. Blackford had produced the simple but beautiful design that you see today. A similar motif, depicting the Holy Spirit, also the work of Fr. Blackford, can be found on the top left-hand corner of the weekly bulletin.

The banner, which was created by a local teacher of arts and crafts, was completed in time to be carried with pride on the recent pilgrimage to Glastonbury.