Our Parish is blessed to be made up of a diverse community of people. Reflecting this, we have a number of regular groups and activities which are detailed on this page. The groups listed are: Parish Pastoral Council (PPC), Social Events Committee, FIR (Friends in Retirement) Club, Parish Prayer Group, Confirmation Group, RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) and Altar Servers. 

Parish Pastoral Council

Our PPC was formed in November 2009 in response to an invitation by Bishop Declan to all churches in the Clifton diocese to set up a Parish Council, but is currently not active.

This initiative, under the banner of 'Called to be a People of Hope,' gives the laity the opportunity to play a more active role in carrying out the work of the church. Our 12 members hold quarterly meetings to make plans for drawing the people of the parish more closely together, forging links with other churches in the town and reaching out into the wider community.

To this end, sub-groups have worked on such projects as the setting up of a Parish website and the creation of a Parish Centre, where a warm welcome is guaranteed, and tea, coffee and biscuits are available after all week-day and Sunday Masses. The Centre is also used by a number of social groups in the Parish as well as for courses on aspects of the Faith.

Members:   Carolyn Doyle  Rev. Jean-Patrice Coulon MSFS;; Clare Allen; Jocelyn Arreza; Richard Bak; Richard Davey; Madeleine Harvey; Leila Hathaway; Henry Macdonald; Danny Want; Ray D'Inverno; Perta Cheffins; Sally Jone; Thankamj; 

The Parish Pastoral Council can be reached via webmaster@rc-churchyeovil.org

Parish Social Events Committee

The Committee meets several times each year to arrange parish events, such as the annual Parish Outing and barbeques as well as various social events.

We also arrange refreshments for special occasions, such as visits from Bishop Declan.

The Parish Prayer Group.

We have an ecumenical Parish Prayer Group, with ten regular members from our church and a number from other churches in the town. We meet every week for prayer and worship and together we try to learn more about God’s love, and how we are to bring about his love and healing to the world around us.

Over the years, we have organised several ‘Life in the Spiritseminars and Alpha courses, both in and outside Yeovil. We also assist with arranging ecumenical services in our own church as well as in other churches and venues in the town.

Meeting Mondays at 8pm in the Parish Centre

Sion Mission Social night

FIR (Friends in Retirement) Group.

Are you over 50 and either retired or not in employment?

Do you sometimes feel at a loose end?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to one or both of these questions, the FIR Club could be just   what you need to liven up your life!

We’ve been around since 1991 and, currently, (there are) 17 members (of Holy Ghost   parish) who get together on Wednesday afternoons to enjoy a wide range of activities

1st Wednesday  - ‘Bring and Buy’, followed by Win, Lose or Draw.

2nd Wednesday – Prize Bingo (members choose prizes on rota).

Other Wednesdays:

- Talks or slides presented by different Speakers; variety of topics, including Religion, Photography, Butterflies (natural world), Age Concern, Comedy, Music.

- Bus/Coach trips to places of interest.

- Lunch/Skittles at local venues.

We also watch videos and play games such as Countdown’ and ‘Twenty Questions.’

In the summer, there is an AGM on the first Wednesday in July and an Annual Lunch on the following Wednesday. There is also a Christmas Lunch in early December.

If you would like to join us, then please contact Alan Cousins (Chairman) on 01935 862552.   

Confirmation Group

We are always very pleased to welcome young people of Secondary School age into this group, since our aim is to continue their Catholic education.

 We cover all aspects of our Faith and encourage the young people to take part in prayer and discussion, and to ask questions. In the run up to Confirmation (every 2-3 years) we meet every Thursday in the Parish Centre from 6:30pm until 7:30pm.  

 The group is led by Margaret Want, Jocelyn Arreza, Henry & Luisella MacDonald

 CONTACT DETAILS:     Margaret, 01935 427572.


RCIA stands for the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. It is a course which explores all the key aspects of the Christian faith in order to allow individuals to learn more about Catholicism to help them discern whether they wish to become Catholic. The ultimate aim is to prepare catechumens and candidates to receive the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion). As this program provides ongoing formation, it may be of great benefit to Catholics who wish to gain a greater understanding of the fundamental beliefs of the Church. The sessions are informal in nature to give you the opportunity to ask any questions that come to your mind throughout the preceding week.

We tackle key areas of Church teaching, or doctrine, piece by piece. We intend to visit the broad areas of Sacred Scripture, bioethics, Sacraments, prayer, and Christian living. We provide an opportunity for group and individual discussion about the Catholic faith. Challenging questions and struggles are welcome, as a group we are open to help people with their faith journey wherever they may be. 

Currently, the group is structured around prayerful reflection (Lectio Divina) on the forthcoming Sunday's Gospel reading. This provides both a space to encounter God, but also allows fellowship between committed Catholics, those returning to the Faith and those interested in becoming Catholic.

Meetings take place every Thursday (with breaks at Christmas, Easter and, Summer) at 7:30 (for 7:45pm) in the Parish Centre. For more information, please speak to the Parish Priest.

Altar Servers

Altar Servers assist at mass/other liturgical functions to aid the priest. At Holy Mass they may carry candles, incense, books, cruets, the processional Cross and other items, which they use as requested by the Priest. 

Altar Servers are trained by Tim Kelly, who can be contacted at the 11.30am mass on Sundays. Servers wear their Cassock and Cotta, also their medal, if applicable. Those who have been serving for a year will be enrolled into the Archconfraternity of St Stephen, if they wish. 

The 'Altar Servers' Mass' is celebrated on the feast of St Stephen and is always well attended by servers and parishioners. The gathering in the Marian hall afterwards is a good time of fellowship for all present.


If you are interested in helping as an altar server, please speak to the Parish Priest or Tim Kelly.