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                         PARISH YOUTH CLUB DAY - SATURDAY, 9TH JANUARY 2016

 When the doors opened at 10.30am and for the next half hour a steady stream of youngsters, aged between 10 and 16, poured into the Marian Hall eager to see what we had to offer them.  They lost no time in trying out the variety of games equipment, which included Air Hockey, Table Tennis and Snooker, which had been set out in the Hall by Paul O’Hara, who co-ordinated the event. Fr. Jean-Patrice popped in to see what was happening, when he also gave an impressive performance at Air Hockey, being the outright winner of the game.

An hour or so later, a break was called for the registration of all 23 young people who wanted to become members of the Youth Club. Care was taken to record not only the names and ages of each one, but also of course the names of their parents and a contact telephone no. They were then happy to return to the games equipment until lunch at 12.30, which they ate in the Parish Centre. This then gave them the opportunity to mix with others and chat amongst themselves.

After lunch, Margie Want produced a quiz she had devised, with some cunning clues, based on types and brands of chocolate, chocolates and chocolate bars. She couldn’t have chosen a more popular topic; competition was very keen! There were 20 or more questions, and the prize for the winner? You’ve probably guessed it – chocolates!

With one more hour to go before 3.00pm and the end of this introductory session of the Youth Club, everyone returned to the Hall for a couple of very lively ball games, refereed by Danny Want. A net goal had been set up and the group divided into two teams for a game of football and then one of handball, for which there was a netball post – great fun for both players and spectators!

So, calling all 10 - 16 year-olds in  our Parish who enjoy fun and friendship, you are very welcome to come and join us at our next Youth Club meeting on Saturday, 6th February, 10.30 - 1.00pm.  We'll look forward to seeing you then.