Sonia Mesarova writes



Children's Liturgy. The sessions of Children's Liturgy now only occur  twice each month. Since many of the children who attend have not yet made their First Holy Communion, attendance at C. L. is all the more important, nurturing in them a love of Jesus and a sense of involvement in the Mass.There are some useful resources available to aid leaders and helpers in this valuable and rewarding work.

Planned Giving.  There has been a small increase in the number of standing orders since the end of March.This is very good news, as by making your donation monthly by bankers Order, if you are a taxpayer, the Church benefits with 25p for every £ donated by Gift Aid from the Tax Office! 
If you want to help the Church finances, please collect a form at the back of the Church.

LORD'S LARDER thank everyone for their generosity, but please do not forget the needy still require food donations.  You have probably read, or heard on TV, how the food banks for the needy are struggling to keep up with the demand.  A larder helper reported that some people are so poor, that they do not have the luxury of being able to even cook pasta, but rely on the Larder's tins of pasta for their meal.

So, please do not forget those in the Yeovil area and put tins of food, and cream crackers, anything with a shelf life, in the Lords Larder basket at the back of the Church or better still, leave your bags of goods beside the basket.