PThe pope has now beatified John Henry Newman and his personal motto and the theme of the papal visit, Heart Speaks unto Heart, was particularly suited to the manner in which the Holy Father spoke to the young people gathered about their calling in life – to make families to re-establish the dignity of the person, or to be teachers of the faith, lay or religious in which the pope was reminding us all to live out our faith. Awaking at 2-00am on a Saturday morning was worth it to join the Pope at the face of the Catholic Church in England in the celebration of the Mass.The Eucharistic Prayer was said in Latin which is symbolic that we are a universal Church – it was amazing to see so many people gathered together in one place; while queuing to enter Hyde Park the Dioceses joined in a Mexican wave which was iconic of the day! There are so many things to talk about and I couldn’t possibly talk about everything here but I will briefly talk about a few key thoughts I have about the event. I felt the moment of adoration during the evening vigil was the spiritual highlight, in the obvious way in which it brought thousands of people before our Lord and Saviour but also I felt at that moment the controversy of his visit dissolved in the knowledge that the love is bigger. Just prior to the Pope’s arrival in Hyde Park, 3 people came forward to give their testimony about what the Church means for them – which were incredibly touching stories about living out the Gospel message. During adoration the song, Lead Kindly Light, was sung with such force and conviction, not only because it was written by Blessed Newman but because it does hold such truth for nearly everyone who has at some point experienced conversation - it is a hymn of adoration and submission to the Kindly Light of Christ. I think it was important to have the moments of silence during the day to focus our minds amidst the excitement of the Pope and boy was there excitement – Hymns, chants of ‘we love you Benedict, we do’, flags waving, cheering and a few faces (and hair) coloured in Vatican colours.  And the excitement was fully warranted, to be a matter of feet from the successor of St. Peter and the Vicar of Christ and to see him wave towards you before addressing a crowd of people in a very personal way.  And there was considerable excitement towards other Bishops gathered, although it must be said not in the same universal way, the chants to the Rt. Rev. Declan Lang had to complete with the chants of the Diocese of East Angela to Bishop Michael. There was a sense of universal identity, while at the same time the dioceses maintained their individualism and there was some banter between them – apparently Clifton is known as the Devout Diocese as Fr. Tom was asked to say grace at Lunch.  As an aside, we were well catered for and had plenty to drink and to eat, and the weather provided was fantastic all day. When walking to Lunch there was indeed the odd protestor but the focus was very much on the Pope with singing dominating the walk, even if the chorus seemed several times louder than the verses! Before Lunch the Pope addressed 2500 young people gathered in front of Westminster Cathedral and gave a classic message of Love. The pope mentioned a couple of times in the day that we, created n the image and likeness of God, are made to receive love and to love – His Holiness encourages us to look into our heart each day and find that love. The mass itself was attended by the archbishop of Canterbury which was great to see with Papa’s Anglican Invitation, the history of Christianity in England as well as the significance of Blessed Cardinal Newman’s contribution of Anglicanism and Catholicism. The Mass itself was appropriately a votive mass of the most precious blood which I think reflects the pope’s concern for the renewal of faith both within the Church and within our nation as a whole, with this in mind on the walk back to the coach at the end of the day we said the divine mercy chaplet for the conversation of all.  On reflection the day overall was iconic of real Catholicism ans showed that the faith exists in our present time, the presence of Ann Widdecombe (who, like Newman is an Anglican convert) and Carol Vorderman in no way deflected the eyes of on-lookers away from the Pope.