On the 20th October, we, a group of young people who had been preparing for Confirmation, couldn’t believe that the time had actually come.  We had reached the day of our Confirmation.  We had been preparing for this for months; Pat, Margaret and Fran had helped us all by arranging lessons for us to attend in order to learn more about God, the Church and the sacrament we were going to receive.   They even arranged a day for us at St Gildas in   Langport which was both informative and fun.

On the evening of our Confirmation, we gathered in the church in front of our priests, our families and, of course, Bishop Declan.He was so kind and reassuring that I’m sure anyone who had been nervous before the event, felt happy and relaxed in his presence. Strangely, perhaps, when I had been confirmed, I felt an inner peace and as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I feel positively now that someone is looking out for me and is around when I need help or guidance, wherever I may go in the world during my life.

 Confirmation is the third sacrament I have received following Baptism and Holy Communion; this final gift seemed to mean more, not just because I am older now but because it is confirming my faith and my place within the Catholic Church.  I feel fortified with the strength of the Holy Spirit.