Parishioners gather around Fr Saji to send him off!
 On Sunday, 25th August, the Marian Hall was the scene of yet another lively leaving party, since Fr. Saji had been appointed to take over as Parish Priest at the church of St. Aldhelm, Malmesbury.

However, his appointment had been tinged with sadness, since it was necessary for Fr. Saji to take over from Fr. George O’Sullivan, the resident Parish Priest, who was terminally ill with cancer. At the same time, the much younger priest had been taking loving care of Fr. George O'Sullivan during his last days. It was only then that Fr. Saji had been able to return to Yeovil parish to say his ‘goodbyes’ to members of both the Indian and English communities, who had turned out in force for the occasion.

Although the weather was somewhat cooler than it had been for Fr. Martin’s leaving party, so there was no parish picnic in the garden, it didn’t appear to have dampened the spirits of our parishioners.There was a lively buzz of conversation, as members of both the Indian and many of the English community enjoyed sampling their traditional curries, whilst others tucked into equally traditional English fare of quiches, sandwiches, sausage rolls and other delicious savouries before turning to the selection of mouth-watering cakes. Finally, a parishioner from South Petherton, John Marsden, came round with slices of water-melon – perfect for refreshing the palate!
Once plates had been scraped clean and the last crumbs of cake demolished, it seemed the right time to present Fr. Saji with a cheque offered with our grateful thanks for all that he had achieved on behalf of both communities, who have drawn much closer together as a result. 

 He was clearly delighted to receive it and followed this up with a number of amusing anecdotes that rounded off a pleasant and memorable afternoon.