On the 20th October 2011, 15 candidates, including myself, had the merciful and wonderful experience of being confirmed. Preparing for the ceremony, we had discussions on: ‘Why should we get confirmed?’ ‘What is the Holy Spirit and how does it help us?’ There were many more questions, into which we had to dig deep to really truly understand the meaning of the Holy Spirit, so we were certain of the way to Confirmation. We looked at sources and tried to identify the meaning of it all. We also had the chance to have days out, which made things more enjoyable for the group.

During the course, we each had to think of and pick a sponsor and a saint to be confirmed with. For myself it was easy, as my sponsor was someone who was very passionate about our parish; someone I knew since I could remember and someone who inspired me. I also found my saint an easy choice; this was because I got a very lucky chance to go on a pilgrimage trip to a very holy place in France, called Lourdes. There I learnt about a young girl who became a saint of Lourdes – Bernadette.

 Throughout the pilgrimage, I felt so interested and emotionally bonded with this woman, who was a magnificent person. At the end of the trip, when we went to the Abbey I felt unprepared for what I was going to see – witnessing Bernadette in a glass coffin, lying there with her rosary, without rotting away. Going through that door, sitting in front of me was the young Bernadette; I felt this shiver, coldness, but also warmth. I felt a very powerful connection, which I’ve never had before in my life; I felt that Bernadette was with me. It was a very special experience for me, and I know that it will be one of the best experiences in my life.

When I was confirmed, I had that same feeling, the feeling that the Holy Spirit was coming down on me, and that Bernadette was with me. After the Mass, I felt cleansed and extremely happy to know that I was closer with God.

Confirmation is such an amazing experience. I’m so glad that I decided to receive confirmation; I am truly blessed with being given the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Knowing that I’m filled with the Holy Spirit, I’m able to rejoice, give out the good news; do my part to be more with God; make the most of my mistakes in the past and, learning by them, contribute to our local parish to make the world a little bit better.

 Confirmation isn’t just a Mass, it’s a beautiful celebration that is shared with the ones we love, and so we engage and become more with the Holy Spirit.