Time For A Weekend Celebration

Just enough time for a late autumn break. The weekend of the 27th  October 2012 seemed an ideal time to join together for a celebration both to renew and to celebrate the love our God has for each one of us.

 A group of seven parishioners from our parish left in two cars from close to the Parish Centre in Yeovil early on the Saturday morning – our destination, St Bede's Catholic College in Bristol.  We all arrived just before 10.00am after a pleasant drive by the ever reliable Pat, giving us ample time to become accustomed to our surroundings, especially for myself and two more of our group who were experiencing their first ‘Celebrate.’

My own first experience of this wonderful event was when I spent Easter week at Ilfracombe Holiday Park. My personal memories both of Ilfracombe and Bristol are of a time of togetherness. 'Celebrate' is, as it sounds, a great opportunity to join together as one family. It is for all, and so we had babes in arms, young children, teenagers and adults of all ages. There are not many times when young and older people alike can celebrate as one.

There seemed to be so little time to do so much. At a weekend ‘Celebrate’ there is much joyful singing of such verses as the ‘Alleluia,’ and the ‘Gloria’ and, of course, the Mass. This was celebrated during the Saturday afternoon and at the same time on Sunday, when we were so lucky to have our Bishop Declan as our celebrant.

Then there were also some wonderful workshops such as ‘Faith in the Year of Faith,’ ‘What is the New Evangelisation?’ and ‘Trusting God in difficult times’ and a range of fantastic talks, complemented by plenty of interesting books to read, Cds and DVDs, plus the amazing kindness and smiles of fellow ‘celebrants’, all of which ensured a weekend that was complete and one to remember.