It was yet another hot July Sunday when parishioners gathered together in the Presbytery garden after the 11.30am Mass to spend a final relaxing afternoon with their much-loved Parish priest. Fr. Martin had been serving the parish of the Holy Ghost church, Yeovil, for the past four years, during which time much had been accomplished, including the setting up of the Parish Pastoral Council.

Young families, teenagers and older people had all brought with them an array of picnic ‘goodies’ to spread out on their table.  One parishioner also brought round to every table a tempting array of cakes – too delicious to resist – whilst a couple of others came round with slices of watermelon.  There was also a steady stream of parishioners going over to the Parish Centre, where tea, coffee and fruit juice were also being served. Fr. Martin, in the meantime, spent time chatting to everyone as he moved round to every table in the garden. 

Once he could see that picnics had mostly been tidied away, Pat Russell, Chair of the PPC, beckoned to Father to join him. It was then that he made a presentation to him of a cheque, as a result of a collection amongst parishioners, and thanked him for all that he had achieved on behalf of the Parish. This was followed up by a further presentation to Father Martin from members of the Indian community, which included a bunch of flowers in our national colours of red, white and blue. 

Father Martin is leaving us to take up a post as Chaplain at a convent nursing home on the edge of Dublin. However, he will be living in a bungalow nearby, and we gather that the door will always be open to visitors - he will not be short of them! 

Parish Family Dance - Friday, 5th July.

There was a party atmosphere in the Marian Hall when Will Antell and 'Teasing the Cat' made a welcome return to play for our Parish Ceilidh. After first of all taking us through the steps of each dance, Will would then lead us into it and what fun it was, especially when the music was speeded up! 
Half-way through the evening, there was a break for refreshments, so that everyone could re-charge their batteries. Fr. Martin, who had joined us for the evening, barely missed a dance. 
Many thanks to the organisers and everyone who helped to make the evening a great success.